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Thread: Thinking about a DMC car on my Airhead

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    Thinking about a DMC car on my Airhead

    I'm seriously considering putting a sidecar on my twin shock airhead ('83 R100RT). I'm looking at the DMC subframe and their fiberglass Ural replica. I've been doing a lot of looking and reading. Anyone have any comments about this setup (besides the all too common "It's not approved by BMW")?

    Thank you
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    I bought a Sputnik car and hardware from Dauntless (now DMC) several years ago for my R75/6 and I only have good things to say about the quality of the attaching hardware and the assistance I got from them about installation. I had no previous experience with sidehacks and sent pictures to them for advice and talked to Jay several times about my installation which turned out handling perfect. So I would say "do it and have fun"!
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    I'm saving my money to get a chair to pair up with my 78 R100/7.. When ready I am planning to get a subframe from DMC even if I don't end up with one of their sidecars. Still trying to decide between a DMC/URAL style unit and a more "enclosed" style with flip nose, like a sputnik or Velorex 565.
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    Talking sidecar upgrades

    Have '84 r 100 w/ sputnic from DMC ,subframe furnished/mfg by DMC,can install yourself,same/FG hack.You'll (need) to alter front trail,forks or it will be a bear to steer,Perry Bushlong redid my triple trees,truly a thing of beauty,can be changed back in a weekend and 100.00 parts.Some parts get altered,and I switched final drive to 37:11,33:11 lacked tuoque in 4th and 5th was not usable.Mag wheels would be good,my r100 came with Lesters,oh and flat profile tires,maybe with tubes.So,through 5or6K at that bike and you'll be all set,getting 34mpg empty car.

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