Yes, you, and you , and you back there! We, the Beer Team, are looking for strong, upstanding, and smiling folks and clubs to help out for a shift at the Biergarten. In past years there are the traditional clubs and individuals who volunteer for the same shift every year. We are hoping to hear from them. Also one shift involves the MOA BOD as beertenders, so one can plan one's volunteering activities around this. But on a serious note, there are usually plenty of opportunities to help out, have fun, and meet lots of new and interesting people, and this venue is one of the more fun places. So check us out. You could work alongside such notables as the Vicar of the Church of the Immaculate Consumption (Rev Willie), the much-maligned but always friendly Mad Dog, the amazing accurate Dan, or you might even have to put up with me behind the bar. You all are hereby invited behind the bar for fun and excitement, but you'll have to do some work at the same time.