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Thread: garmin software compared to google

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    garmin software compared to google

    Please forgive the rant: Why does Garmin's software suck so bad compared to Google Maps? Specifically, I use BaseCamp on the Mac, and I've also tried Road Trip. Google is leagues better in almost every comparison: address finding, panning and zooming... It freezes, it lags, it crashes...

    I haven't figured out a way to plan a route using google maps and the Garmin exporter plug-in, but its pretty good for finding addresses.

    I wouldn't have posted this, but I'm pretty frustrated. In Google I type "philadelphia to Greenville SC" and I get a bright blue line on a map and directions. In Garmin's software it is a total trial to plot this route and upload it to my gps.


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    The trick is to plan the route using Google or MapQuest and then use the Google/MapQuest options to send the .GPX file (as a route, NOT waypoints) to your Garmin unit. There are a number of post on the forums that will step you through doing this.

    THIS might start you off...

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    I use Garmin's Mapsource program. I just click on "Route Tool" then on the map I click on "Philadelphia" and then "Greenville in SC". Another click to download the route to my GPSMAP 76C (a handheld).

    A remark to using downloaded routes: The route may be slightly different when finally used in the GPS. The reason is that Mapsource only saves a few locations along the route and then the software in the GPS does its own optimization to navigate between these locations. To get a closer "copy" of my intended route I click on many more "support" locations along my route.


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    Doesn't look like Google Maps lets you download routes, only waypoints... at least without going to a third party website. (correct me if I'm wrong please!) I looked at mapquest quickly, and my first impression is that they have a lot of intrusive, annoying adds, and that the interface, particularly wrt natural language, is not as good as googles. But they do support uploading GPX to a GPS.

    I may try mapsource in a virtual machine on my mac, but my experience with that is that the VM does not have enough graphics throughput to make mapping apps usable.

    Thanks for the input

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    Quote Originally Posted by samuelh View Post
    I may try mapsource in a virtual machine on my mac, but my experience with that is that the VM does not have enough graphics throughput to make mapping apps usable.
    FWIW I use DeLorme Topo 9 in a virtual box VM. It's fine as long as I don't even attempt to use 3D. I tried once and had to re-buil the windows partition with out the VM 3D drivers and then tell Topo 9 not to look for them. I have not tried windows mapsource in the VM.

    I wish I could combine the good features of Topo and Mapsource into a native Mac application. (DeLorme is windows only; Garmin's Mac software leaves a lot to be desired).

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    Now here is something interesting. I just used both BaseCamp and RoadTrip to do a route from Phili to Greenville, SC. Both came up with almost identical time and distance but each used a slightly different route to get out of and into the cities. Then I put both in the Zumo 660. I had my settings on the software to the Fastest. When I looked, I saw both routes in the zumo were the same length as the software but were about 30 mins shorter. Then i checked the settings on the zumo and verified it was set to fastest. Yet, when i checked the individual route settings, there came in as shortest. I then set to fastest on both and another 12 minutes was taken off of both routes. 10 hrs 6 mins to 9 hrs 30 mins to 9 hrs 18 mins. Not that it means alot other than interesting data.

    I have noticed that RoadTrip is a bit slower and jerky where BaseCamp is nice and smooth. I use a MAC PRO - the floor model with lots of memory, two quad processors and tons of storage. When I get time, I will try the MACBOOK PRO.

    Overall, I really like the Garmin software. But it does take some time to learn how to efficiently find your cities, addresses, POI's etc. But once I got it, it is a breeze.
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