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Thread: S1000RR - Best YouTube Video Ever

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    S1000RR - Best YouTube Video Ever

    This is a pretty cool video.

    Source: Dealernews
    BMW reports that an ad for its new S 1000 RR has become the most successful BMW YouTube video ever. So far, it has garnered more than 1.4 million clicks.
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    Cute, but I'm just not buyin' the physics involved.

    But given the way "advertsing" is going nowadays it's perfectly acceptable... . .

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    This was the topic of an episode of MythBusters, "Tablecloth Chaos." It was concluded the video was fake since it could only be reproduced by placing a plastic sheet on top of the tablecloth eliminating contact between the tablecloth and the table settings.

    As originally submitted to youtube the video was titled, "The oldest trick in the world."


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    awesome efx!

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