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Thread: Tires - Metzler Z8?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Clay View Post
    Metzeler's all-new Roadtec Z8 InteractÔäó sport-touring motorcycle tyre is now ready for the highways and mountain roads with several much appreciated advances including its Greek Pi (π) tread pattern, new contoured profiles and nano-scale compound solutions matched to a well-proven InteractÔäó: Multi Zone Tension technology structure for performances from the first mile, at full-load and in all weather conditions. The combination of these features make Roadtec Z8 InteractÔäó the perfect tyre for modern Sport Touring needs, dedicated to riders making long-distance journeys and to devoted all-season sport riders with reliability and riding easiness to enjoy the distance, safely.
    Easy riding for maximum enjoyment
    Metzeler's new Roadtec Z8 InteractÔäó is yet another class-leading tyre committed to riding enjoyment, that is, a tyre with versatility of use, comfort and safety (especially under wet conditions) that permits you to focus on the ride. Roadtec Z8 InteractÔäó provides increased riding enjoyment initially through a new generation CMT (Contour Modeling Technology) profile that reduces push steering force by 5% versus its predecessor, immediately elevating the overall handling capabilities and easiness of various bike setups. This was achieved through a reduced cap section height, resulting in a more rounded curvature design to improve handling and increased stability. Although the profile has measurably quicker steering transitions, an incredible safety feeling is still present through a predictable turn-in rate that adds confidence to challenging riding such as panic situations on the wet while braking or low-speed turns on mountain passes.

    Additional elements of riding enjoyment like excellent handling, stability and reduced road noise are attained by mating this tyre profile to the latest structural innovation: InteractÔäó multi zone tension technology, along with a functional tread pattern and temperature resistant compounds. A final footprint area 8% wider as compared to the Roadtec Z6 InteractÔäó is the outcome of a variation of steel belt tensions and a strategically placed tread pattern which optimizes pressures in the footprint area.
    The above reminded me of this:

    Just kidding...

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    Are there any additional first-hand accounts of the new Z8 tires, possibly from a high mileage rider who has enough miles on them already to make a statement about longevity?
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    Sorry to revive an old thread. I just posted this review on the Z8's over at BMW Sport Touring site. FWIW, this is my assesment so far.

    I took delivery of my 2011 R1200RT on 8/4/2011 and the bike came with Conti Attack's. I'm a fairly aggressive rider, not a speed demon but not a saint either. Just came back to NY from a long weekend ride (2500 miles) to The Great Smoky Mountains area. On the ride down I noticed the center tread on my rear tire was almost gone at about 4600 miles. The side tread was fine. The cords weren't showing but the treads were just about gone. As Chattanooga was to be our destination I called ahead to the dealer and inquired about tires. They had the Metzeler Z8 in stock, non C spec unfortunately. As most of my riding is one up with empty luggage I was ok with not getting it this time. Upon checking the front tire at the dealer we found the front was pretty bad too. So I changed both at 4825 miles.

    The Conti's worked ok for me, I had no issues with them in the dry. I only rode them in the rain once and didn't get much confidence from them in the wet. 4800 miles is just too short a life span for tires.

    Upon pulling out of the dealer parking lot with the Z8's the bike felt like it steered much lighter. Kept it pretty mild for the first 150 miles then progressively took it a little deeper into corners and added some speed. They feel every bit as confidence inspiring in the dry as the Conti's with the added benefit of the lighter steering feel. They hold a line very well and while riding numerous switchback's never stepped out or caused me any concern. On the ride home Tuesday we hit some wet roads. No rain just wet, tree lined roads with some leaves. Admittedly, when the conditions are wet I slow it down alot and don't take many chances. They handled very well in the wet and never stepped out. I read about the Conti's wearing out in the 4000 mile range and should have been more attentive to that before I left for this trip. If I can get 10000 miles out of the Z8's I'd be pretty happy. Time will tell.

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    Let us know how they last.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rednick View Post
    mounted my new Z8's Thursday night after work. have about 350 miles on them now, maybe 45 or 50 in the rain and I love em! such a huge improvement over the PR2's I took off.
    leaving on a trip to the BRP ,Smokey Mtn's, Etc in 2 weeks so I will report back after that ride.
    I'm bumping this thread in hopes that those riding on Z8s will give us there impressions now that the tires have been in the market for a while.

    I've decided that the Z8s will be my next tires. I'm about 2000 miles away and found that will price-match any other supplier for them, and installation was priced fairly (I'm fortunate enough to live near a CycleGear storefront).

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    Watch them like a hawk for rear tire wear. If you do a lot of flat riding you'll end up with very quickly appearing steel belts in a VERY short period of time. The twi's dont monitor the life of the tire in the center section so there's little warning. (3475 was showing belt on my k1600 and they were fine at 3350). YMMV.

    I'll never buy another set

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    I have Z8s mounted on my R1200RT now. I like them at least as well as the Bridgestone 023GT tires they replaced. I'm in AZ so lots of straight and dry roads here. I will be taking them up through Utah next month and will report back after that trip through the twisties.

    The Bstone 023GT tires were excellent with good grip and great mileage (>12k), but I wanted to try a non-dual compound tire because the dual compound tire seemed to have an issue with flat spot edge transition. There was still good tread, but the transition point was sharp enough that it made holding a line in a corner an effort.
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    love em!

    Glad you asked. Just had a pair mounted and really love them. Crazy, but they just seem to even roll better down the interstate. They change direction more smoothly and easily than any other tire I've ever used. I seriously noticed a difference, and for the better as soon as I rode away from the shop.
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    I've got 9K on mine on the 07GT. Work well in the twisties, flattening out in the center from Interstate riding.
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    Got about 6,000 miles a front Z8 on my 1998 R1200RS. The tire was great in the beginning. There was still some tread in the center, but the off center sides were worn out.

    The handling started to diminish about 4,000 miles, but I am cheap and wear my tires out. I live in a hilly, curvy road area, but am not an aggressive driver.

    The tire seemed to function well in the rain, but it has been so dry I have less than 5 hours of rain riding to judge.

    There was a Michelin Pilot Road 2 on the back that wore well...previous owner put it on...I added about 8,000 miles to it.

    I put on a new set of Michelin Pilot Road 3's for the trip to the rally. I am very happy with these tires.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Dmftoy1 View Post
    Watch them like a hawk for rear tire wear. If you do a lot of flat riding you'll end up with very quickly appearing steel belts in a VERY short period of time. The twi's dont monitor the life of the tire in the center section so there's little warning. (3475 was showing belt on my k1600 and they were fine at 3350). YMMV.

    I'll never buy another set
    3400 miles??? To what do you attribute the short lifespan?

    I have Z6s on my R1100RT, and at 19500 miles total (the rear has been on for about 7400 miles, the front twice that). The rear has about 2000 miles left and the front about the same, and I plan to change them both. I always ride one-up on this bike, with side cases attached, but usually empty. Mixed riding, about 70% straight, highway speeds.

    I hope / expect at least the same mileage from the Z8s

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    Don't know never had it happen before. Seems to not be uncommon on K1600's though for this tire.

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    Prefer Z8's to PR3's

    I have had the z8's on my 04 1150rt now for about 2000 miles. I previously had the Michelin PR 3's and while the Michelin tire gave me over 7000 miles of use the center compound ended up being a ridge you climbed over at the end of there life. The z8's show no sign of this and rolling through corners has never been so fun. Good even wear.
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    With 880

    Quote Originally Posted by tourunigo View Post
    (K1100LT 1992) I have a Lasertec on the rear and need one for the front. Rear is almost new. What are the thoughts about putting a Z8 on the front with the Lasertec on the rear? - Bob
    I came upon this combination by accident. I totally wore out a front Dunlop on front and had it replaced by Blue Moon Cycle. They had the Z8 in stock. A month later, I got a upholstery screw in my rear and had to have a tire NOW. The only tire I could find quickly was a Metzeler 880.

    What a great combo. I often ride loaded for camping with my wife. The 880 has a reputation for being able to handle heavy loads and wearing well. The stickiness of the Z8 on the front makes my R1100RT handle better than any other combination I have run.
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    On my second set

    I have used Z8's for a while. They have good traction and good wet perfromance. I got 15,000 kms on the rear and 25,000 on the front, on the first set. I used 39 psi on the front and 42 on thr rear all the time. I rarely ride two-up but I do a lot of touring with a loaded bike.

    To me watch the tire pressures and they should wear well.
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