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Thread: Tires - Metzler Z8?

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    Metzler Z8's

    I put a pair of Z8's on my R1200rt 2,000 miles ago and so far they have been real good. Rode thru TS Debby in Jacksonville on them and lots of hot weather miles too. Looks as though I could get many miles out of them. Wife has Michelin P3's on her F800ST and they are real mileage kings as well.

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    Metzeler Z8 Tires

    I had the dealer install two new Z8's to replace the Z6's I had previously run on my 2009 R1200R. I had about 300 miles on the Z8's before I left for the BMWMOA Rally in Sedalia. I rode a total of 3,400 miles to the Rally and back, so I guess that could qualify as some experience with the tires.

    We encountered rain in West Virginia and Ohio for three days and the Z8's performed well on the wet roads. One of the rides was on Ohio SR555, which is called, "Ohio's Dragon." This road has about ten miles of loose stones and gravel and the tires did not slip at all on this dangerous pavement surface.

    We travelled on Interstates to arrive at the rally. Once there, we had about a 40 mile ride each day on a combination of four lane and two lane roads. After the Rally, we rode to Hot Springs, AR in 107 degree heat on two lane mountain twisties with no problems from the tires.

    We rode the Natchez Trace to Tupelo, MS. I would recommend this road, if you have not travelled on it. It was a refreshing change from the heat, since the road is tree-lined and somewhat shaded from the intensity of the sun.

    The tires did not lose any air during the thirteen days I rode on them. Right now, they look like they have at least 5,000 miles left on them. I was happy with the Z6's, but the Z8's look like they are an improvement over the previous version.

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    I am now on my second set of Z8s. I got 10K out of the first set. There was some more life in them, but I was in the middle of a 4K road trip. I could have probably finished the trip, but I didn't want to push my luck. If I had been just riding locally, I probably could have gotten 12K or more. I liked the first set well enough to put on another set.

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    Just changed out tires from the Z8's to PR3's because we had them in the shop. Almost 11K on the Z8's and still had tread to go, but an upcoming trip made the decision for me. Overall I liked the Z8's, now comes the comparison.
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    I swapped out my worn Z6's for the new Z8's about 1500 miles ago and so far I like the Z8's very much, they feel more responsive to me and appear to be wearing very evenly. So far so good, let's see how many miles I get out of them, I hoping they will do better than the Z6's did.

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