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Travel with friends that do not have locking fuel caps.

Premium-Grade Jiggler - Shaker Siphon Hose

Product Features

Premium-Grade Jiggler - Shaker Siphon Hose - Aluminum Siphon End

Just insert siphon end in liquid and shake up & down - unique one-way valve creates suction force

60" x 1/2" anti-static flexible PVC hose; transparent so you can see liquid moving

Great for transferring water and other liquids from one container to another

Extends filling reach without funnels; siphon-end diameter 1"
I've got one of these, and use it all the time. Usually to empty old gas from machines during seasonal equipment transitions. One guy saw it, and referred to it as my "Midnight credit card." My only complaint is that the hose has stiffened over time.

It's interesting that AKBeemer brings this product up. My buddy introduced me to them. He first saw them... drum roll... when he was working in Alaska!

They're definitely a great product! http://www.supersyphon.com/SuperSyphon.html
(It's their company, they can misspell "siphon" any way they want!)