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Thread: Mt. Rushmore Visit

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    The BMW MOA site has a great camping page.

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    I plan on being in the Black Hills in early July.I hope you are not planning to be there in the begining of August as the Sturgis Rally takes over all campgrounds and hotel rooms.If you're lucky and get a room,you will pay dearly for it. Enjoy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Behnkeb
    This summer a friend (she is riding her own bike) and I (04 R1150RT) are planning a trip out to Mt. Rushmore from Michigan. I have been researching and reading about what I need for the long haul (New Nolan N100 Helmet, Motolights, seat lift, and deer whistle - What am I missing?). I have some 400 mile days planned (9 day total trip time planned). The most I have driven in the past are some 500 mile round trip weekend rides.

    Any suggestions?
    Packing? Gear? Riding Tips? Places to stop? Eat? Pre Ride Prep?
    A few additions to what others have said, remember summer in South Dakota is hot, hot, hot.

    Ditch the jeans & tee-shirts (or save one set) for camp pants or high-tech fabrics like, duofold shirts (found at REI or other outdoor store), the cotton products are great, but don't perform well under riding gear when you are riding in the hotter months. They just make you hotter. Look for shirt/pants with UV filters built in. This goes back to the hydration and comfort while riding/siteseeing.

    Great earlier suggestion! Camelbak's rock and are a must in the dry west (and make sense everywhere). Personally, I like to drink while riding, and pee when I stop, rather than drink while stopped and have to pee while riding

    Bring a wide brimmed hat, so you can enjoy the sights, without the sunburn. Got to love a sunburn under a helmet all day

    Your evening meal should be the heaviest. Eat lightly at lunch, or you will be sleeping in the heat in the afternoon.

    OH, and have a great ride and write a ride report when you get back for this forum.
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    The Black Hills has always been a must ride for me.I grew up in Winnipeg,but never went there...I planned to return that way from the Trenton Rally,but it was not to be...
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    A 9 day trip from Michigan means a couple of long days to get to the Black Hills. Get on I 90 and only get off for gas and the Badlands. Some nice forest service camp grounds, Horsethief Lake is just a few miles from Mt. Rushmore. You can make reservations but they don't have showers. You can get showers a few miles down the road at KOA for a few $ but DON"T stay there! No shade and you get packed in like Harley riders at Sturgis.

    A nice loop ride is from Spearfish north then west to Devils Tower, down to Sundance then south to Four Corners. Hit hiway 85 north over O'neil Pass down to Chyenne Crossing then down Spearfish Canyon. From 4 corners to Chyenne Crossing is probably the nicest sweepers in the Black Hills.

    Almost every paved road in the Black Hills is fun but WATCH OUT for the gawking tourists, they are everywhere, lots of RV's but it's still a great place to ride.

    If you stop at Wall Drug check out the National Grasslands visitor center, it is more interesting than the trourist store.

    Harney Peak is a nice 4 hour round trip hike to the highest point east of the Rockies if you need that kind of fix. Mount Rushmore is OK if you've not seen it before, Crazy Horse Monument is interesting.

    Going across South Dakota is usually HOT and WINDY and I've been in a foot of snow in July in the Black Hills, it melted the same day but the point being the Hills can get chilly.

    Gas stops can be over 30 miles apart so don't wait for the reserve light, especially further west.

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    Mt Rushmore Visit

    Everything that everyone has said. We have a group of riders heading for Custer for the first full weekend in June, to participate in the annual Volkswalk at Crazy Horse. This is a 10K walk up to and on the streched out arm of Crazy Horse, below his face. This happens only once per year and is very well attended. The view should be terrific.

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