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Thread: Rent a Tent @ the Rally ????

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    Rent a Tent @ the Rally ????

    Could someone tell me who rents the tents at the BMW MOA Rally ?

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    2,023 is the website to go to. All the information you need should be there. If not, there's a spot to email questions. It's a great service - we've used it at several rallies and plan to continue.

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    Here is the web site.... they have the MOA Rally listed.
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    $150 per single for all nights of the rally.......and coffee? That's quite attractive.

    No packing
    No set-up
    No tear down

    You could tour with only a tank bag...

    If I wasn't only 80mi away, I would jump all over that deal.
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    Yes indeed, Ted does a very good job. Hassle free camping, and he normally has good tent locations and spacing.
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    Thanks for all the input.

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