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Thread: Saddle bag liners

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    I use space saver bags inside the canvas totes. They're waterproof, and I can organize everything. Little stuff goes in the tankbag.

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    Being the owner of an '88 Airhead can sometimes be difficult. So while people are throwing around brand names I started to do a little research. The idea of totes is simple but the elastic straps inside my bags are already starting to be, well, non-elastic. I really don't see me fighting with the tote and its handles trying to prevent everything from falling out as I close the bag. I mean, that is why I am considering liners in the first place.

    Upon further research it appears that Kathy's is the only company that supports Airhead products. So I do believe that Bob's will be getting a call from me tomorrow. Especially since I do need a very distinct left and right bag.
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    Just $0.02 from an old fat guy...

    I just received the bag liners from RKA for my "11 RT.

    They are fitted L and R perfectly!

    They each have seperate zippered outide pocket that's esily accessible when the side case is opened.

    They have a shoulder strap on each if you want to heave the cases on the bike and just take the stuffins.

    They have what seems to be a sprayed in coating inside foe additional waterproofing that seems like it would probably not be needed.

    Black Cordura construction with double sewn seams and seem well worth the $105.00 for the pair from ASCycles.

    I have had other RKA stuff on my GSA and was reaaly pleased with it until I melted it. That's not their fault!

    Highly reccommended.

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    I have the Cee Bailey's bags too.
    Bought them cheap on Fleabay
    Being floppy is ok by me and I like the outside pockets.
    Floppy lets me use them in my C50's saddlebags also.
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    Just ordered Kathy's bags from Bob's. I have seen them on (in?) another bike and was impressed by their heavy-duty construction, the inside and outside pockets, waterproofing, and the lifetime guarantee.

    We'll see...

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