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Thread: Nice little motorcycle event today

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    Nice little motorcycle event today

    I attended a nice little motorcycle show today put on by The Motorcycle Shop in Valdosta Ga. Here's a few pics of some of the nicer bikes out there today.

    My bike

    My bike getting judged

    I didn't win but either way it was a good time.

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    Did that yellow and blue Harley win? It's tough competing with cruisers.

    Our weather today is slightly different from yours. Thanks for posting.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rinty View Post
    Did that yellow and blue Harley win? It's tough competing with cruisers.
    Hate those damn Harleys. They're not "tough" to compete with - they can't be competed with.!!.

    Harley - and some customizers - sure know how to build a work of art. Hit the link - you don't compete with something like this right off the showroom floor.

    Harley Night Train.
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    Some bikes are daily riders. Some bikes are long distance travelers. Some bikes are weekend riders. And some bikes are show bikes.

    The only "show" award I ever got was "Dirtiest Bike" at the Stagecoach long distance ride-to-eat in Alabama one year, but the slush we rode in from Kansas to Alabama on top of whatever bug encrusted grit I'd picked up in the previous few months probably did the trick.
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    That blue barley next to my bike was amazing. There were so many points of detail on it I spent about 15 minutes trying to see it all. It had a navy theme to it with etched ingravings on some of the chrome. I thought I saw all of it and then the owner asked if I saw the mermaids. I said what mermaids? He showed me in the paint of waves on his front fender and fairing there were ghost mermaids. Once I saw the first one the others popped out and these mermaids had some elegant female bodies.
    I think they should have broken it down to classes for cruisers, sport, touring, and rat.

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