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Thread: Brake Fluid DOT 4 or 5.1?

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    Brake Fluid DOT 4 or 5.1?

    Which is the recommended brake fluid for a 2007 GT? Owner's manual says DOT4 but I do not believe the 5.1 was available when the manual was written. It is my understanding that both of these are gylcol based. Think I will stay with the glycol as opposed to the silicone DOT 5.
    While I'm asking; where do you purchase your clutch fluid - miineral oil?


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    ABS is expensive, dot 4 is recommended. 5.1 is slightly different glycol and additve package. It "should" be OK BUT who knows for sure.

    Even if the viscosity is different, that could even affect something.

    I would not try it.


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    I would stick to the 4 as well. Stick with the manual and the resevoirs markings and should be fine.

    You shouldn't need the mineral oil anytime in the near future, but they sell small bottles at the dealer.The mineral oil doesn't attract moisture like the brake fluid.
    I bought a quart from a cycle shop for bicycle disc brake systems a year or so ago, Magura's Blood or something like that. BMW's is green...this stuff is red. Still mineral oil. And still expensive either route.
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    What an interesting concept: read and follow the owners manual.
    Thanks guys

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    I've been running DOT 5.1 for a while now with no ill effects. The advantage of DOT 5.1 is that it will not dissolve paint. I don't ever seem to get a brake job done without spills or splashes...
    DOT 5.1 is fully compatible with DOT 4 but neither is compatible with DOT 5 - don't be confused.
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