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Thread: BMW Summer 2 Pants

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    BMW Summer 2 Pants

    I have been looking for pants that offer protection but look somewhat like a normal pair of pants. After researching this for weeks I settled on the BMW Summer 2 pants. The nearest authorized BMW apparel dealer is 3 hours away so I have never seen them in person. UPS delivered them today and I am more than pleased. The armor in the knees and hips is the best I have seen in a non racing pant. I can tell in really hot weather mesh will still be the best option but these will work most of the year. I own a pair of Scorpion and Firstgear pants that cost more than the MSRP of $209 for the Summer 2 pant. These pants are well made and look better than the other brands. You can see the quality. I am not worried that if I wash these they will fall apart like a pair of Scorpions I owned (they use glue on some of the seams instead of thread). I just bought a pair if new TPG pants as well and these look more expensive. If you are looking for something besides the run of the mill black pant (don't even get me started on black pants meant for hot weather) these may be for you. If you think they cost too much remember that asking for a discount is not a crime. I asked on this phone order and got 15% off plus free shipping. If you still want something less expensive and are a 34 check eBay this weekend and you can buy my old stuff. Happy riding.

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    My #1 pair of fair weather riding pants are the BMW city pants which knee armor aside wear very much like a "normal pair of pants". As is the case with nearly all my gear, picked up for shorter money then MSRP slightly used on ebay.

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