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    Shoot me if this isn't the right place for this...

    Last year I bought a product that I love, the ParkNMove from
    It has a lifetime warranty. I really love the product, until a few weeks ago.
    The casters began to degrade, splitting, cracking and generally coming apart.

    I attempted to contact Aaron at Legal Speeding. His phone is non-responsive (vmail is full), and I've gotten no response yet from email. (It's only been a few days - I should be patient.)

    Has anyone had any issues with this company, specifically 'honoring the warranty'? Anyone know how to get ahold of the distributor via another phone number? I've tried their ordering line, searched the website, no answers...!)

    I really like the product - but the caster self destruction has rendered it unusable.

    Anybody know another recourse? I assume this is a resale product, and that the manufacturer would honor the warranty. Anyone know who that would be?

    (No- I'm not overloading it. An R1200RT sits on the dolly, and the floor is a nice smooth concrete with no seams or cracks. )

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    I don't know squat about these guys.

    Sometimes it's just easier (not to mention a lot less aggravating) to deal with warranty "problems" yourself. i.e. measure those caster and buy some new ones.

    I'd go with a solid steel caster for this application. A bit noisier, but would definitely end the "degrade, splitting, cracking and generally coming apart" issues. They usually run between $8-15.

    [edit]>There THEY'RE everywhere, but Northern Tool is good source.

    As you've probably guessed, patience is not one of my fortes.
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    Planet Feedback

    I know nothing about these guys, but have found an effective avenue to get companies to be responsive to their customers. It took a letter to BMW regarding warranty issues to get them to pay up as per the motorcycle warranty. BMW responded with a check. One company completely disregarded the letter through Planet Feedback. Win some, loose some. I have no affiliation with this outfit other than the success with a single letter.

    In the mean time, getting replacement casters sounds like a good idea.

    Can't hurt to try. The link is Good luck.

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    I was thinking about buying one of those. I'd check with the Chamber of Commerce in the city where the business is located. See if they have any information about the company being in business.

    I'd be interested in what happens.

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    I've read a lot about the product on various forums. It appears the manufacturer had a bad run of casters. Looks like others (recently) have been able to get replacements without too much hassle. (2-3 emails, etc.)

    I'm just gonna keep trying.
    Meanwhile, thanks for the advice on the steel casters - that may ultimately be the solution.

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    That's absolutely accurate. He did have a bad run of wheels. And that's about the right time-frame.

    Mine cratered on me as well. I called and got straight through. Left a voicemail and he returned my call within the hour. I had two bad ones - he shot me replacements straight away.

    Excellent guy to deal with, no hassle and I'm happy. I'd say give him some time. He may be out riding some where fun.....
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