Whew, lots of choices. I like the simplicity of the Coleman Exponent Multi Fuel, since you can use fuel from the motorcycle gas tank. But there is a lot of discussion in the reviews about the need to do maintenance (primarily cleaning the burners). This doesn't sound like fun while out camping. Of course the reviews indicate that if you use white gas this maintenance issue is eliminated, since white gas is supposed to burn cleaner.

Anyone with this type of burner, how much maintenance is required if you use unleaded gas in these units? How much trouble is it?

The MSR options require a larger, though refillable fuel tank, but that seems would take up more space than I would like to give up. The refill option is attractive for several reasons. But the Coleman tank is refillable, too.

I do not like the idea of throwing away consumed fuel tanks, not to mention the cost of that fuel.

Am I on the right track? Appreciate all the information.