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Thread: Recommend me a service center in Michigan LP

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    Recommend me a service center in Michigan LP

    Well I think I've reached the limit of both my ability and equipment(Not ready to shell out for a GS-911 yet!) in trying to troubleshoot my heated grips. Time to go to a dealer. I'm near Lansing, so it's roughly the same for me to go to GR or Detroit/burbs region.

    I've gathered there's at least 1 dealer in GR and I think a couple towards Detroit(one in Canton for sure).

    The advantage to going towards Detroit for me is that I have friends in the area I can hang with while I'm out that way. But that's secondary to me. Any recommendations for a service center in the LP somewhere?


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    Both are good. Both open Saturday for service. GR does have lots of demo bikes if you want something to do while you are waiting. GR really has nothing around it to eat at or shop at while you wait if not demo riding. They do have a nice gear dept. but not a BMW gear dealer. Canton is in a mall area so you have places to eat at or fart around at while you wait. Canton has gear as well and BMW gear dealer. It is really up to you and what would keep you happy while you wait.

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    BMW South East Michigan (Canton) is a good shop. Been doing business with them for years back when it was Andy Pelc, then Erhards. The folks there now are great.
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    Quote Originally Posted by 86755 View Post
    BMW South East Michigan (Canton) is a good shop. Been doing business with them for years back when it was Andy Pelc, then Erhards. The folks there now are great.
    My history with them doesn't go back quite as far, but I can definitely support the fact that the current owner and the folks working for him are great!

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    Thumbs up Bmwgr

    Might be a little farther, but Oak has given instruction to the Tech at Grand Rapids BMWMC and there are plans for more trips from Oak to teach.

    At one time I would not recommend them, but they are going out to train the techs for AirHeads. New Service Manage is really doing a good job and seems to understand how to run a shop. Of course is $80 per, which I found is about normal now a days.

    Also I not looked at Airheads site for recommend dealers, BMWMC of Grand Rapids is recommend.
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    Hey all: I can recommend the Grand Rapids shop with out hesitation. They have worked very hard to get my sick airhead back on the road, as well as my oilhead. The new service manager is very knowledgeable, and is willing to listen to you when you bring your bike in. As far as nothing to do, there is a Russ's just up the street, as well as a fair number of "mom and pop" eateries in the area. Lots of demo bikes, and friendly staff. Wouldn't call a service trip there painless, but they crew tries to make it as pleasant as possible. Vaya con Dios, Dutch

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    I've only dealt with BMW of Detroit on the east side. Easier to get to for me. Heard good comments on both.

    I had the same issue with my 2002 RT, the grips blowing fuses. They found a short in t he right grip wire inside the handle bar. Just checked my invoice from last June, it was $54.00 for that portion of the repair bill.

    You might want to call ahead if your looking for quick in and out service.

    And on Sunday April 9th, the BMW Touring Club of Detroit will have one of their scheduled breakfasts right there at 0900.

    And if you come in a day early, say Friday, April 29th, here's what's going on:

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    I also recommend GR. Easy to get to. Great place to eat just down road. Blane and his crew will make you feel at home while your bike is well taken care of.

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