So after riding my 05RT for the first time this year about a week or so ago, and having the bike on a BMW charger most of the winter, today I tried to start it but am getting the following:

The bike sounds "normal" when turning the key, I can hear the whirring of the (fuel pump or whatever), lights come on etc.

But when I turn the key over, I hear a loud "tick - tick - tick" sound about .5 secs apart

Eventually I get the "engine symbol" and a display of "EWS" in large letters on the main computer.

Can anyone here help me diagnose what might be happening?

Thanks in advance, Juergen

The techs at my NJ Cross Country BMW dealer says it might be an old battery, but could not tell me what the EWS code is, said to "bring the bike in" (duh). I've had a weak battery before, but never this behavior.