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Shoe on the other foot. In 2008 we decided to vacation in Alaska. We got passports and dropped a line to the Canadian Gov. After reviewing their list we took a ferry boat from Washington State to Anchorage and never set foot in Canada. Wife and I both "carry" concealed everywhere we go. Legally! I guess we'll not contribute to Canadian economy.
Guess what is legal or acceptable in one country is not always legal in another. We do have strict handgun laws here compared to the states and am pretty sure England does also. Does that prevent you then from visiting any country that has laws you do not agree with? We do understand your constitution allows citizens the right to bear arms and I can respect that. We have different laws that seem to work for us altho there are various points of view on this subject. Not saying one system is better than the other either. I have had American travellers remark they feel safer up here with the laws we have. Have also had Americans say they do not feel safe without a gun. Perhaps like the pros and cons of seatbelts, helmet rules, depends on your experiences maybe? There are laws on both sides of the border that do not make sense to me. I guess just haven't found one yet that makes me think the states is not worth visiting. Gary.