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Thread: First ride of season

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    First ride of season

    Well I finally got a chance to do the "first ride of the season" today with my K1300GT. I tried to start it yesterday but it wouldn't catch hold, just cranked until the battery got too weak. So put it back on the trickle charger and tried it today. It turned over a lot better and caught right away. That was a relief. The temperature was in the 40's when I started the ride and were in the 50's by the time i got back. The ride was over 100 miles so got it really warmed up. I did do some loops and turns in a parking lot to get back in the groove before heading out. Took the back roads from Madison, WI, down to Yellowstone Lake State Park (not the National Park, but wouldn't that have been a fun place to ride to]. Had to take it easy in the curves and intersections because there is still a lot of gravel on top of the asphalt from the winter sanding. There were a lot of nice curves on the back roads so it was fun getting use to them again. The wind picked up quite a bit, which reminded me why I like the K1300 better than the Triumph tiger I traded in for this bike. It felt like I was going to get blown off the road sometimes with the tiger, not so with the KGT. Sometimes a little more weight is a good thing. I also like the ABS brakes, cruise control etc. on this bike.
    This was also my first chance to try out my new Rick Mayer leather seat I had purchased over the winter. I have heard it takes a 1,000 miles to break in a new leather seat. I don't know about that, it seemed pretty comfortable to me already.
    I did see some bluebirds at the park, so spring must be here.
    Hope your first ride is, or was, as much fun as mine.
    See you on the road.

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    Enjoyed my first ride today! Reinstalled the battery, which had been on a charger since Christmas, and it fired right up! Put a few pounds of air in the tires and off I went. Only about 15 miles this morning, but I'll spend my lunch hour adding to that.
    Today is pay-day! I can afford gas again!

    Ride safely and enjoy!
    2007 K1200GT

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    Not the first ride, as I ride whenever the roads are dry, but first commute of the year. I don't like riding in the morning dark hours as I am (partly) color blind and dark situations make it difficult, but with the warmer temps I just had to ride today. Time to replace the tires, had put it off as I firgured my shorter/less aggresive winter rides wouldn't require great tred, but now that the pavement is warming, I want the new tires.

    Ride safe everyone, watch out for the cinders still out there!

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