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Thread: 2011 Anonymous Book?

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    Mystic, CT


    I got mine two days ago


    Mystic, CT

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    Didn't re-join in time to make printing deadline
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    Quote Originally Posted by Boxwrench View Post
    Didn't re-join in time to make printing deadline
    No worries... I know where you live.
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    Nice, but please update

    My brother's dealer closed over a year ago, but they are still listed. How many other dealers listed in this edition no longer open? To help make this section of the book worthwhile, it would be nice, prior to final draft, that MOA call BMWNA and ask for a current list of "open" dealers. Just a thought.
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    too late...

    Quote Originally Posted by Boxwrench View Post
    Didn't re-join in time to make printing deadline
    I've been a member for two years but unfortunately, I had to change my phone number a few months back. Knowing that the Anon book was being prepped, I quickly changed it on the MOA site.

    I must not have changed it quickly enough because my old number is listed.

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    Old listings seem to just hang on. I passed through Hamburg Pa last week and the Anno book came in, I gave a listing a call for that area. The man hasn't been a member for years but helped me out anyway. one # was disconnected and the other did not return my call.

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    The idea that 88bmwjeff had is a good one.

    Making it available in digital format could both be cheaper (saves printing cost and postage).
    I'm an old fart so like the book stashed under the seat

    but I could load it on my kindle too

    or some could have it in their ipods, iphone, blackberry etc.

    None of this should cost much as some one said it is certainly in digital format for the printer.

    it could do a wikki like update/edit too.

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    Making it available in digital format could be good but that is not what the people in the Anonymous Book agreed to.
    I think they would have to get an additional agreement of each member to be listed in the digital copy.

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    I got mine today. I like the new cover . The new one goes in my primary bike. Last years will go in my other bike. My 2009 edition will sit next to my wife's computer. My help button on my spot messenger sends her an E-Mail that says I'm broke down & have no phone service look up my current position and call someone in the BMW Owners Anonymous book & don't worry everything will be OK.
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    Jack Herbst
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    Quote Originally Posted by henzilla View Post
    And why don't people put their name in the sig line here?
    How do I do that? I have tried several times.


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    Quote Originally Posted by jaherbst View Post
    How do I do that? I have tried several times.
    Click on the User CP link in the left side of the bar just above the start of the thread display.

    On the left side of the screen will be Your Control Panel. Click "Edit Signature" in the Settings & Options block.

    Enter your desired signiture. Use the Preview Signature button if you'd like to see what it looks like. Once you are satisfied click on the Save Signature button.

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    Question Anonymous codes

    I've been trying to figure out how to change the codes by my name on the Anonymous Book. I found where the codes are under Account Management - Anonymous Book, but I can't figure out how to select the correct codes. I've tried to highlight the specific ones, but can't figure out how to skip the ones I don't want to select

    I'd sure appreciate any help or advice you all could give me.
    Thank a teacher if you can read this, thank a veteran that it's in English.

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    Casey... growing up a southern Indiana boy we used to get some grins asking people how you pronounced the Capitol of Kentucky.... Louisville (Lewis-ville), Looie-ville, or Lullvull.

    Of course you know the answer. It's pronounced Frankfort. I said while I was growing up.

    ************************************************** ******************

    While holding down your "control" key, select the codes/headings you want (it/they will highlight blue), skip over the ones you don't want. Hit "save" and it should be good.

    Is that what you're doing?

    If you're on a MAC I haven't got a clue how to do "multiple" select.
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    Mine arrived yesterday so they have made it to the west coast.

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    Got mine yesterday up here in the Great White North!
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