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Thread: Adventure Riding Video

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    Adventure Riding Video

    Seen any good videos?

    Just watched "Riding Solo to the Top of the World by Gaurav Jani. Jani rides a Royal Enfield 350 Bullet to altitudes over 18,000 feet in the Kashmir region and Chinese border region with India.

    The film stands out for a few reasons.

    - Jani operates with the simplest equipment and bike imaginable. The Bullet is a basic carbureted single cylinder bike; his luggage is a yellow tarp draped over the bike and then wrapped around his load.

    - He is his own film crew and goes to great lengths to set up moving shots. He shows how he has to ride to a spot, climb a steep hill, set up the camera, then ride back and get the shot of himself on the trail, and finally return and retrieve the camera.

    - He spends much of his time with a group of mountain sheep herders called the Chang pas. These are tough people who live much as their ancestors did 500 years ago (except for the cast off American sports memorabilia clothing they wear). These are tough people to whom the concept of being overweight is completely unknown.

    The video is interesting in that it highlights the differences between the Spartan approach to adventure riding Jani uses to the equipment intense approach many of us use in our riding.
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    Great Thread!


    this is a great thread. Thanks for starting it up.

    I have three DVDs that I've watched, or am planning to watch.

    The first just came out. It is called "The WABDR" - The Washington Backcountry Discovery Route. It talks about how this new route came about, who helped initiate it, and then goes over the six sections the route covers. One can also get a Butler Motorcycle Map that covers the route incredibly well. It's a bit region-centric, but really fun to watch. The routes takes you from the southern Washington state border along the Columbia River, up along the eastern edge of the Cascade mountains, all the way to the Canadian border. This is down with a minimal amount of time spent of asphalt. I plan on doing it this summer.

    The next two DVDs are titled "Dual Sport Riding Techniques" and Advanced Dual Sport Riding Techniques". I bought them early last winter and have just recently begun implementing all the neat ideas found on the first DVD. For a new rider/Dual sporter, and an old fart at that, the stuff I've already tried are making a real difference in my comfort level for riding a DS. Once I feel like I've learned everything on the first video, I'll take the second DVD out of it's jacket and see what it has to teach me.

    I'm learning how to operate my Dakar while standing on the pegs. Doing simple circles first, then on rougher ground. This is followed by starting and stopping while going up and down rough terrain. There is a lot more to see and learn!

    Hope this raises the interest is some of the DS riders here.


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    Quote Originally Posted by AKBeemer View Post
    Seen any good videos?

    - He spends much of his time with a group of mountain sheep herders called the Champa (Sp?).
    Chang pas
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    Thanks for the post, I must check this video out! I just rewatched "Dust to Glory". Very Exciting!


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