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I don't mean to be the bearer of bad news, but one of your fan's whos has been an avid follower of your rebuild has passed away. James R. Coleman of Marion, Ar. , known on the MOA site as ' copandengr' died last week. He had bilt, restored, and customized quite a few different kinds of bikes is his past. I saw his album of past bikes and they included Harley's, Nortons, BMW's and various Jap bikes. He was quite good at it. I was in the process of helping him acquire a R60/5, which he hoped to get in August. That's over now, but we all will continue to follow your progress with interest just as much as JR did. Thx Barry
Dear Barry, thanks for letting us know. I did not know Mr. Marion but he sounds like a great guy who had a love for all types of motorcycles. I am very sorry for the loss of a member of this fine community. My thoughts go out to his family and I want to dedicate the rest of this build to his memory. I have always said it is the people that surround these cars and motorcycles that are the most important element, and lets think of James from time to time during this process.


PS: As an Oncology Nurse by trade, I know all too well about how fickle life is sometimes having held the hands of hundreds of patients over the years. I am sure he will be missed by man.