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Thread: Womens motorcycle gear???

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    You might also try Olympia gear. Their stuff doesn't end up looking like men's gear scaled to women's sizes and fits and flatters women nicely.

    No connection to the company except as a satisfied customer.
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    I would agree that a women shouldn't worry about looks

    but be concerned with how her gear protects her; but after having this battle with my wife for the last 5 - 6 years, i've given up.

    But we both liked the Scorpion Women's jacket that she bought last summer. She say's that it makes her look like a girl; i like it's protective qualities.... now if i could just get her to put the armor back in it!
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    A looonnnggg time ago my wife rode with a tank top on one sunny day.It came untied and she didn't know until she had walked across a parking lot and into a building..She hasn't worn one since,and won't go back there probably ever..Ed
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    Quote Originally Posted by marcopolo View Post
    I don't think there's anything inconsistent with wanting to wear protective gear and look good at the same time. The two are not necessarily mutually exclusive, but that's subjective, of course. Why not try; they have lots of videos of the gear they sell, though you'll certainly see a lot more men than women featured in them. Rev'it brand is certainly more "stylish" than many and they sell Rev'it. Here's Revzilla's section on women's gear:
    While I'm about to begin another MSF season of preaching "Dress for the Slide as well as the Ride," I agree with marcopolo.

    Let's face it - us guys give more than just a passing thought to style, color, fit and fashion too.

    You can be stylish and very well protected - just keep shopping (shouldn't be too hard for a gal - in their DNA) till you find all the right gear, which includes a helmet!

    In addition to Revzilla, consider the Olympia line as well as Tourmaster - all good stuff!
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    Thank you!! These are helpful sites in getting her used to the idea of riding with full gear and that it can look good!
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    Remember the road rash queen Brittany Morrow.
    That should help her decide to get the gear.

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    Joe Rocket also has women's gear ... fitted and with some feminine detailing that make some of their armored jackets look quite good on a "fitted" female form, yet provides a good measure of protection.

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