One of our members - Tim Bro - sent a PM to me suggesting that we consider a new subforum for crash reports, and advice on avoiding crashes. While an excellent idea - the moderator team is hesitant to create too many subforums since that tends to fragment information, making it less likely to be spotted by our members. We decided to try making a sticky in "Just Riding" - and see if there is enough interest and input to it that would justify making a subforum for this rather specific topic. So - this is that sticky thread.

Here is TimBro's description:

Quote Originally Posted by TimBro
Motorcycling = FUN - Risk

Each of us use the above formula to define our motorcycling experiences. To maximize the fun, we take measures to reduce the risk, i.e. ATGATT, Experienced Rider Course, ABS equipped bikes etc.

Each of you also has a wealth of mental risk aversion knowledge accumulated over years of motorcycling that were formulated after crashing or experiencing a near miss on your motorcycle.

This sticky is designed to share the invaluable strategies members have learned from crashes or near misses. The overriding goal is to share a learned strategy with the group that can be assimilated and hopefully prevent other members from crashing and minimize the number of near misses.

If even one crash is prevented after learning from the mistakes/experiences of other members, this sticky will be well worth the time, effort and consideration you took to post.

It's all about looking out for our fellow members.
Please join in this thread in the spirit that it was suggested and created in - helping other riders to improve their possibilities of avoiding road incidents! Negative, razzing or nagging postings will be summarily deleted - but I really don't expect we'll have any of those to concern ourselves with.

Enjoy! And safe riding!