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Thread: Crash Chronicles (Crashes and Near Misses)

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    Just saw this Steve ! Glad you are ok, but sorry about your bike, however it can be repaired. Sometimes you just have to lay it down .....sorry.
    Gail Thorne
    2017 F700GS

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    My Micatech side case will need some TLC as once opened ,it is hard to reclose and the bottom sure is ground off.

    Funny on the "lay'er down"
    I have fallen over a few times in riding, sometimes gravity and inattention when parking...but never a slide on purpose. I still am grasping the fact it was so fast and no perceived opportunity to do a single thing but hope it ended soon and without being smooshed by solid objects in path.
    Steve Henson
    SABMWRA MOA Club#62's Flat Fixer/ current forum moderator
    It's not the breaths you take, but the moments that take your breath away-D.Dillon/G. Strait

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