The scene: SR 86, a two-lane state highway, at the intersection with Whiteface Mountain Ski Area, which is a Tee intersection, Wilmington, NY. SR 86 is a curvy road that follows the Ausable River. This is an obviously dangerous intersection as it is marked from both directions with the tee-intersection symbol signs with flashing yellow warning lights. I was headed for the KOA campground just past this intersection.

I am riding my RT approaching the intersection, ski area driveway on my left. A knucklehead in an SUV is there, failing to come to a complete stop for his stop sign, the only control at that intersection. He is planning a left turn onto SR 86, is rolling slowly, and his vehicle is already arcing slightly left.

What happened? His windshield post on his right is blocking his view of me on the RT. Because he did not come to a complete stop and is turning ever so slowly to his left, even as I progress forward his vision of me stays blocked because of the relative movement of his vehicle/blocking windshield post.

He decides to go, putting his vehicle on a collision course with me; my speed 55 mph.

Plan A: lay on the horn full blast. If I can slow his forward progress, I'll be through the intersection before he can cause the wreck.

Plan B: if that doesn't work, I'll countersteer onto the right shoulder. Thank God, and some past governor for the fact that almost all state roads in New York have paved shoulders.

Thank BMW for the super-loud dual Fiamms that came stock on my '03 RT. Plan A works, the perpetrator slows and a wreck is avoided. New York also widened that area of pavement at that intersection, which also provided more time and space to avoid collisions.

I was fully prepared to execute Plan B had Plan A not worked.