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Thread: USA Four Corners in Sept 2017

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    Cool USA Four Corners in Sept 2017

    I am looking for some input / suggestions from riders who are familiar with the Los Angeles area. I am going to try to ride the SCMA "USA Four Corners" tour with another rider in September of 2017. We will start at the San Ysidro, California and ride to Blaine, Washington for our first leg of the trip. I am not inclined to ride I5 through Los Angeles so I would like to hear from anyone who knows the area and could suggest alternate routes. We will be looking for a route that is not too slow or far out of the way but a safe, less crazy route than going straight through the city.
    We will also be looking to avoid the Boston, MA and Washington, DC areas but we are familiar with the east coast.

    Our corners ride will be:
    San Ysidro, CA to Blaine, WA to Madawoska, ME and then Key West, FL. Any advise on this trek would be appreciated.

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    The easiest way is at El Toro Y take 405 north and it will merge back to frwy 5 on North side of San Fernando Valley and you can use car pool lane all the way thru. If you don't mind please email me, I have questions to ask

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