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Thread: Nova Scotia Tips

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    Tip one: Double the time you're planning to be there..
    Tip two: If it looks interesting - stop - it probably is. That's why Tip one.

    Did it last summer on the way to the RA rally in Vermont. Spent about a week there, could have spent two easily. It is the friendliest spot to ride I've ever been to. Courtesy to bikers is outstanding.. Coming from NJ - it took a period of adjustment to realize people move out of your way to let you merge. They wait for you at cross-streets. After being there a week - it took another period of adjustment once I crossed back into the states.

    There is no ferry from the US anymore (the Cat went away..) so our route took us to St. John NB, where we stayed overnight (St. John is worth a day or more itself..) then took the ferry to Digby the next morning. We then shot across Nova Scotia to the south shore for the night, then started following the Lighthouse Trail... anyway - way more then I can post here.

    Here are some photos of the trip:

    Enjoy (and I can't wait to go back..)
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    Quote Originally Posted by tommcgee View Post
    Beware the bears.
    Quote Originally Posted by Beemeup View Post
    and the Moose. Don
    In '06 while riding the Cabot Trail, I saw only Moose Signs. Never saw any moose. Once I glanced down to look at my speedometer and when I looked up, I had a bear running across the road a few feet ahead of me. Never saw any "Beware of Bear" signs, just the bear.
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    Hey Kevin,
    This is gona long!!!! LOL
    Alot of good advice here!I don't know how long is your vacation but like one suggested I would take the ferry from St-John New Brunswick to Digby then follow the cost through Baie Ste-Marie and Yarmouth!Then to Pobnico,and follow the south eastern shore to Halifax.That way you'll have all the scenery.You'd be going through Lunenburgh,Peggy's Cove,and then there's a nice relaxing twisty road to Halifax through beautiful small villages and towns.(There is a very nice little campground near Peggy's Cove that you might want to try,when I remember the name of it,I'll give it to you.)
    From Halifax the road following the South shore towards Three Fanthom Harbor and a bit after!Then cut accross to the Trans Canada Highway,to go towards Cape Breton.Once in Cape Breton.
    I would do like another suggested and go Counter clockwise and head for Sydney to visit Louisburgh and the other attractions.There used to be a old inground mine(Sydney Mines I believe) that you could visit,but I don't know if it's still open!!Then go towards Cape Breton's Highlands for that scenic route that you see in pictures.Someone mention the bears,there might not be signs on the road for them,but they are there.When you camp in this area you want to make sure to store you food and other bear attracting stuff in the bins supplied or hang them in trees a good distance from your camp.Read and take all the advice that Parks Canada give you.I backpacked there a few years back and bears won't bother you but they are around as we saw fresh tracks every day!Once in Chiticamp,a little french fishing vilage, boat tours are available to go see whales and seal,and a different view of the Highlands!
    After all this, if you still have time,you could head for Pictou NS,for the ferry to PEI.Very friendly place and touristic.Awesome beaches in Cavendish,but cold water!
    Then head to Borden to take the long bidge to New Brunswick.(bridge is sometimes closed because of high winds,you might want to check in before)
    In New Brunswick,if you follow the coast, you can't go wrong!Like the rest of the maritimes,people are friendly and we like motorcycle too!If you do make it to New Brunswick,I'm in Moncton and I'd be Glad to meet with you and tell you about the province if you're interested!Let me know and I'll give you my coordinates!(I won't be around between June 9th and July 18th as I will be on the west coast to do my motorcycle trip.)We have the warmest sea water to swim in, in Shediac!Kouchibouac is an awesome place to relax and visit,with it's long sand dunes,beautiful campgroungs,hiking trail,canoeing and friendly villages around.
    *KEEP IN MIND*: alot of people in Moncton area are in a big hurry to show you that they can get to the next traffic light or exit before you,and they think that they have the right of way when coming off an exit!So you want to practice safe driving
    around these people!
    Hope this didn't bore you!
    Have an awesome trip!

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    I was stationed (exchange duty with the Canadian Navy) in Dartmouth for over 4 years. Had such a great time I even got married! Must see... Peggy's Cove, Annapolis Valley, Cape Breton. The BEST clams in the world are served at John's Lunch in Dartmouth. Stay OFF the Trans Canada and stay on the secondary roads. The B&B are awesome. Highly recommend the Blomindon Inn in Wolfville! If you're with your sweetheart a cabin at the Liscombe Lodge north of Sheet Harbor on the St Mary's river is as good as it gets. Their planked salmon is great! If you stay over in Halifax/Dartmouth, the waterfront area is the place to be in Halifax. The pubs Lower Deck, Split Crow, and the Liquor Dome are worth a visit... Five Fisherman is the best restaurant in Halifax! Don't be in a hurry. Nova Scotia is a slower pace with very friendly people. I wouldn't try to squeeze in a trip to Newfoundland... you need at least two weeks up there... I have camped up there but be forewarned about the black flies.....
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    I think I wrote an article that is somewhere on my web page..........Enjoy!
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    Just when you think a thread is dead, B O O M! Thanks and keep em coming.

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    I liked Nova Scotia

    I rode the land route up there about 5 years ago, and enjoyed it.

    Parts of the Cabot Trail are technically challenging with tight turns and fairly steep grades up and down. Keep it in second gear for those parts, take it easy, and enjoy the ride.


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    For good or bad the roads are not too overrun by the RCMP. This way the roads can be both challenging and fun...

    When in Cheticamp do not forget to eat at the Sea Food Stop. Great Food. Great Service. Great People. Sorry for the bias.
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    Back from 2 weeks in Canada. Spent 4 days in Nova Scotia. What a beautiful place to visit. We made a trip to Quebec City last year that included stops in London, Ottawa and Montreal. This year we did Sault Ste Marie, North Bay, Ottawa, Quebec City, Saint John, PEI, Baddeck, Halifax, Bar Harbor Maine, Sherbrooke, Peterborough and Chatham. At least that is a list of where we bedded down for the evening. Having down this twice now I have opinions. Quebec City is a must, it is like visiting France in 1945. 132 from Quebec up the Saint Lawrence is a must, next time we are riding the seaway to the ocean and then down the coast of New Brunswick. Nova Scotia is simply stunning. Cabot Trail is great but Peggys Cove and places near Halifax are amazing as well. I could go on and on about Canada. I am a proud American but let me say that if you like to ride you must go. If you get outside of the major cities the roads are yours. Little traffic and lots of open roads. Once back into Michigan I immediately missed the riding there and lack of cagers. That being said Maine has the same appeal. The only downside is their dollar is more than ours now so no longer is it a bargain. The food is always high there as is the fuel but the unspoiled beauty is second none. I will give one warning, weather in Nova Scotia changes quickly and can be very different from one side of the say Cape Breton to the other. Be prepared for all conditions while there or be sorry. I saw sunny 70's and sunny and 46 with rain & fog all in one day and within 4 hours time. I still want to go back to Nova Scotia. So much beautiful country and so much open empty roads call me back again and again. We will plan next years adventure down the road but it will include Canada. If you are Canadian you are truly blessed with great riding.

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