Tip one: Double the time you're planning to be there..
Tip two: If it looks interesting - stop - it probably is. That's why Tip one.

Did it last summer on the way to the RA rally in Vermont. Spent about a week there, could have spent two easily. It is the friendliest spot to ride I've ever been to. Courtesy to bikers is outstanding.. Coming from NJ - it took a period of adjustment to realize people move out of your way to let you merge. They wait for you at cross-streets. After being there a week - it took another period of adjustment once I crossed back into the states.

There is no ferry from the US anymore (the Cat went away..) so our route took us to St. John NB, where we stayed overnight (St. John is worth a day or more itself..) then took the ferry to Digby the next morning. We then shot across Nova Scotia to the south shore for the night, then started following the Lighthouse Trail... anyway - way more then I can post here.

Here are some photos of the trip: http://www.facebook.com/album.php?id...714&aid=319629

Enjoy (and I can't wait to go back..)