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Thread: "Motorcycle jeans"

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    "Motorcycle jeans"

    I'm interested in some of those "motorcycle jeans" know, denim pants with the kevlar inserts and body armour. Anybody out there have any experience with those? What brand do you recommend? Thanks.

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    I have two pair of Diamond Gusset brand jeans. Never tested their performance in an accident, but they are very comfortable, seem well made and look pretty much like any other pair of jeans.
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    Dultuh Trading Co. offers "Logger's Pants" made out of 11.5 oz. fire-hose material. They don't have Kevlar in them but they do have extra material over the knees and shins, as well as a gusset (it's called a "dutchman" really) in the crotch for extra movement).

    They 're heavy ass h3ll, and for $50 they won't break the bank.

    Check out their other "jeans" as well.

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    What you will find is when you get the Kevlar you lose the armor. It seems nobody does both. The BMW city pants is pretty tough stuff and has armor. They are expensive but the only pants I have found that offer both types of protection. I have some Draggin Jeans but as with the rest you would have buy strap on armor and that is just not an option for me in the summer.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jogitu View Post
    What you will find is when you get the Kevlar you lose the armor. Snip!!
    That may have been true a few years ago but it certainly isn't true today!

    If you shop a few of the motorcycle gear retailers such as Cycle Gear, you'll find that there are several brands of riding jeans that include at least some armor.

    Last Spring I bought a pair of "Red Route" jeans that are equipped with modern, removable knee armor, plenty of Kevlar in the important areas and zippered panels at the cuffs to aid in getting them over boots. The ones I have fit like relaxed jeans, so I don't resemble a swat team member when I'm off-bike and they're comfortable enough that I forget they're on. I got em on sale for about $50.

    There are other styles and other brands out there but you have to shop around.

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    I have a pair of Dragon Jeans and I rarely wear them. I find the Kevlar to be hot, scratchy and uncomfortable. I'd much rather wear my Olympia Airglides either alone or over a pair of jeans, shorts, etc.

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    I'm a fan of Draggin and Aerostich. Competition Accessories also makes nice cargo pants, but they wrinkle awfully bad after washing.

    Above about 85 degrees, I find even mesh nylon or polyester pants unbearable, so the jeans are all I wear in the summer.

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    I really like the BMW City Pants Denim. The perforated soft inner liner makes them quite comfortable even when its very hot. Great armor, lots of pockets and infinitely adjustable belt.

    As with most BMW apparel, pricey but worth it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dstuckmann View Post

    As with most BMW apparel, pricey but worth it.
    Yow! $289.

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    Aerostich-rider warehouse carries the Arborware line of heavy reinforced jeans. Here is the link HTH Gary
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    I have 2 pair of Diamond Gusset jeans and 1 pair of Draggin jeans. Both are comfortable but the Diamond jeans have velcro straps allowing you to close the bottom of your jeans around boot tops. The heat/humidity in FL during the summer and fall calls for cooler clothing that has abrasion protection. There are mesh pants with armor in the hips and knees that would allow you to wear shorts.
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    I have the Cortech jeans that I wear when riding my CBR1000RR. They have perforated Brazilian leather in the impact areas and armor in the knees. Fairly heavy jean material, but they are pretty comfortable.
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    If you can find them in your size, BMW used to make the Maverick line of Jeans and jacket combo. Very well made with armor and kevlar sewn into the fabric. I wear them often except when the summer season rears it's head in July. Then its into mesh gear for me until cooler months.

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