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Thread: Back to one bike

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    Thanks for the info, Randy

    I'm really looking forward to this trip. The bike is running great, the camping gear is pretty much in order, and the cooking equipment is all set. I'm really hoping for superb weather!

    Looks like there are over 70 signed up to go, according to the ADV forum listing. Although I've camped for over 35 years, much of it for work as a field geologist, this will be my first camping adventure on a bike. Waaahooo!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Polarbear View Post
    Dirt byways there are easy to find and very remote, no service nearby, so go prepared with tons of water for drinking and trail mix. Randy
    this is very very good advice. bring a small bottle of extra gas, too.

    a very good map is available from the National Forest Service. This proved invaluable in my planning and was $6 well spent.

    have fun!

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    Quote Originally Posted by gregfuess View Post
    Says there are 105 Devil's Canyon. Which one is the picture from? I would love to see that place! Picture is incredible.
    this picture was shot here. If you take this ride, plan your fuel carefully. The closest gas is in Joseph, and that's a long ways away...

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