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Well, I am not exactly a light guy. I really don't care if I get a few extra miles out of a tire, although I seem to be getting about what others seem to get out of similar tires.

While I don't claim to be an expert I DO have some experience (21 years in the motorcycle business and riding for 44 years). What I have found over time is that generally speaking, the closer to max tire pressure (within 5% or less) I keep my tires the better my bikes seem to handle.

Of course YMMV.

P.S Most of the bikes that I have dealt with that had handling issues or odd tire wear problems almost always had low tire pressure when I checked. Some of them were as close as within 15% (40 PSI recommended max but down to 32), when I raised the pressure the wobble went away. Some of this is obviously the individual tire characteristics, but generally I'll stick with my statement. check tire pressure and go for a test ride before you start disassembling your bike.

And one more thing........wasn't the OP talking about being on a trip, which would imply that the bike was loaded down?
Hey, if it works for you, head on!!! I'm a pretty heavy fella too, and my GF often rides with me, and I use 32 PSI as a baseline...good compromise between wear, handling, and comfort...but then again, I'm not a guy that's gonna whip out the slide rule and do a ton of research to see if 32.5 PSI is actually a LEEEETLLLE bit better than 32.6 PSI!!! That's not why I ride...