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Thread: Ethanal free petrol in Texas?

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    Ethanal free petrol in Texas?

    I apologize if this has been covered already.

    Does anyone know of non ethanol stations in Central Texas? I'm running carbs and can't quite yet afford the $200.00 float kit from BING.

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    This link was posted in another thread:

    I checked one of the stations near my house that was supposed to be ethanol free...turns it the pump mentioned 10% ethanol, so I'm not sure of the voracity of the website.

    $200 from Bing? What was it they were trying to sell? There's the mucho expansive float kit which requires you to change your float bowl as well. This is touted as saving fuel, etc., but is really just hype. It's probably meant for engines that must keep floats from moving side to side, such as in sidecars and aircraft engines.

    I understand that Bing now sells floats that are exact replacement for the white foam variety...alcohol free and grey in color. I recall seeing them at the Johnson City National...from memory, I thought they were $75 for the pair.
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    Some of the gas stations don't get updated that often so many are outdated. You can however, go on pure gas and update for everyone else. That site relies on the inputs from those who go to those stations.

    If you do go to one of their listed sites make sure you thank the station owner or manager for not carrying ethonal gas.

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