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Thread: Activites for the younger set?

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    We are planning to have both a teen center and a children's center with activities for the younger folks. Also, don't forget Camp GEARS for young riders. In addition to the local attractions that Chris mentioned, there will be some rally activities that focus on local history and culture that might be fun for families with children. Also, my stepdaughters began volunteering at rallies at perhaps 7 or 8 years of age and have really enjoyed it. We are trying to make this rally particularly family friendly and Bloomsburg is a beautiful town to just walk around and enjoy.
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    I'll bring my son along to help me at Registration! Good idea!
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    T&D's Cats of the world

    One place not mentioned yet that I can find and kind of a hidden Gem is an exotic Animal Sanctuary called T&D's Cats of the world. Basically it is a zoo, but all the animals, including lions, tigers, and bears, used to be people's pets. They are located in the town of Penn's Creek, about an hour or so west of Bloomsburg. Their website is The ride out there is beautiful, and there are plenty of ways to get there. A plus is if you take rt 487 back to Bloomsburg is that you'll go by Knoebels amusement park. They are open for tours during the week and open to walk around on your own on Saturday and Sunday. Definitely worth the 10 bucks in my opinion.

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    Little League Museum and Complex

    For the youngsters in us all: the Little League Museum and Sport Complex is a short ride away in South Williamsport.

    While the LL World Series is not until mid-August. The Museum and Complex are open to visitors.

    The link to their Museum info. page:

    Also, just a few minutes south of the LL complex is Clyde Peelings Reptile Land on US Rte 15 in Allenwood, PA.

    Both of these may be worthy of a visit.


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    Hey rocketman,

    sorry that i didn't see your response before today.... but it did make for a good laugh.

    If you want to bring him up for a ride, i'd be glad to let him jump on the back of my bike. Or if he really wants a different experience, he can try my wife's sidecar!

    Leah still has no interest, so we don't push her. She has been in the sidecar, and on the back, as well as to a few rally's. She'd rather be on her computer...

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    To: sdpc2

    I'm sure Eric will outgrow me, but I hope he keeps the love of riding always. With any luck, when I get too old and feeble to ride, he'll bungee me on the back of his bike and drag my sorry carcass around the country to repay the favor.

    PS-Any time you get lonely, and want to borrow the boy, our weekend rates are very reasonable. We can meet you at Bob's Diner in Brewster for some artery hardening eggs, bacon & sausage, cruise around the Titicus Reservoir (love Titicus River Road!), and make a day of it in your neck of the woods. Just feed the kid once in a while, and make sure he does his homework. The offer stands open......
    Enjoying the ride, but always on the alert for a rally.......

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