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Thread: helmet fits okay but hurts after an while

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    yup.. molded with my knuckles..every helmet I ever had with "foam" MC helmet. For the steel pot, I wasn't paying much attention to that...except how to crawl inside of it...

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    With regards to the OP, I would not compress the foam, since that is what absorbs the impact. I agree with the other posts that indicate the helmet is not a proper fit. If you can't return it, then making some minor changes, like compressing the foam, until you can locate a proper fitting helmet is probably not a bad option. I usually wear the helmet for about 15 min in the dealer/store before I purchase a helmet. So far, that has worked well for me.

    With regards to Shoei, in 2004, Shoei's were uncomfortable for me. However, the mulitec is comfortable, so their shape has changed over the years. At least that's what I think.
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    ^I agree about not compressing the foam, but I wouldn't hesitate to compress the pads, that's what helmet manufacturers do... maybe two "outer helmet sizes"... with different pad inserts to "change" the sizes from small to XXL...
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