The question just again occured to me on a foray down to our basement (where my luggage resides in the winter) and probably because it is ridiculously cold for our area at this time of year - down to about 0 degrees F. tonight.

For years I've removed the bags when I parked the bike for the last time in the fall in its unheated shed. This because many years ago most of my plastic duck decoys cracked with almost no provocation. I attributed that to spending the winter in an un-heated shed. (Hey, I have several sheds!)

Anyway, just wondering if any of you have had your bags shatter in a tipover? Could be it was years rather than cold that did in my duck decoys. Could also be I am talking about completely different materials in the decoys and the luggage. (And no, I don't remove the RS tupperware - hadn't even thought of THAT until right now. Please don't tell me it gets brittle when subjected to below zero temps!)

Maybe someone with experience in this area (below zero storage and a tipover) or knowledge about the stuff in our "plastic" luggage and fairings could set me and others straight.