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    Spot connect

    We own a SPOT 2 and works really well on trips when you do not want to use our cell or can't because of no coverage. This new little device can make your phone into a satellite phone and even send real time messages via your phone after downloading an App. Release date not sure...cost unknown as well for now...but something to really consider eh?

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    This looks interesting. It looks like a text based satellite comm link. It's easier to send text than voice but I have a feeling this new system will still be a subscription based service. It will be interesting to see the details. Gary
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    it us a subscription like their other SPOTS...Basic is $99 a year with $29.99 for 100 Text Messages and .50 cents over or $49.99 for 500 have to subscribe for a year...we use our SPOT when ever we go out off road and know we will be out of cell range

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    Why the connect?

    Guys and gals,

    To me, the Connect adds problems when what you really want is a failsafe communication device for delays and emergencies. If your smartphone isn't charged, this thing doesn't work. Why bother? Stick with the Spot 2. It's lightweight, tough-tested, and it provides redundancy when your smartphone is on the blink.

    Your smartphone will go on the blink, by the way, if you are riding in Tornado alley or hit a wind storm or any number of weather conditions that knock out cell towers. And that is just when your friends and loved ones are gonna freak wondering if you're OK.

    SPOT works directly off satellites.

    We will be getting a Spot for our daughter when she's old enough to start driving around with dodgy teenage drivers! "Anybody's drinking or doing drugs in the car or texting while driving, you just get out. Don't have to say a word. Press Help and we'll come get you, no questions asked."

    SPOT is the bomb.

    I never climb or ride without my SPOT. Critical piece of rider equipment. Five stars.

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