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Thread: New Enduro Gear By KLIM - Just AWESOME!

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    New Enduro Gear By KLIM - Just AWESOME!

    so this is the new Badlands KLIM ADV gear next to the new Latitude more road orientated gear....both will come in 2 colours...

    Both look awesome and are an all in one suit with the rider having options to layer on their own.

    Feel free to comment...

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    I would seriously have to consider Klim paying me an advertising allowance to wear their product. They sure are proud of their name! Everything I have read reveals good detail and thoughtful planning. Just too much of their name plastered everywhere. They are becoming an established player and will do well. I wish I had a dealer in my area to check it out.

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    agree about the name being plastered all over but the quality is for real.

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    you know... KLIM is making stuff that this is really the first to make me seriously consider not buying another Darien when either my 12-year-old or 5-year-old suits wear out.

    these suits not only work really well, they look excellent. all except for those logos plastered hideously all over them... my pet peeve.

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    Kilm is spendy - been looking at some of their gear and like what they do
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    Badlands approx. msrp = $849.99 jacket $589.99 pants

    Latitude approx. msrp = $549.99 jacket $489.99 pants

    Not cheap but they are making some great stuff and are crazy over their name for sure

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    I work for the company that makes the Poron XRD shock absorbing foam used in these Klim shorts:,224,79.htm

    This stuff really works! If you are an enduro rider, you may want to look into these for great impact protection. (I am NOT in sales!)
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    maybe KLIM will read this:

    Dear someone:

    Tell KLIM we know their name and do not need to see the K logo and their named spelled out on each side of their suits. A little more subtle. Seriously, I love KLIM but the more I look at their new suits the more the advertising gets to me. Just put your K in strategic places and your name on the back or wherever...just not all over.

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