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Thread: Best price Michelin PR3?

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    Best price Michelin PR3?

    Looking at prices for the 120/70/17 front and 180/55/17 (B) rear has the front at $122.50 and non (B) rear at $152.50 = $275 . I'm waiting to hear back if they have the (B) and at what cost.

    Comp Accessories has them for $126.29 F and $185.43 (B) rear = $311.72

    Motorcycle Superstore has them for $130 F and $200 rear for the (B)
    = $330 but they say they will match anybodies lower price.

    Anybody found a better price?

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    I bought a set at Don't remember the cost, but included free shipping.
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    They can vary week to week at times...I compare three vendors I have great service from and each seems to get some of my money. I buy quite a few tires and don't mind paying a bit more for speedier service at times.

    Bought a set of PR3's for a K12S a few weeks back for about $295...the rear tire is a 190/50...the 180/55 was around $158 that week as I was shopping.

    TwoBrothers in Atlanta do well in comparison with the guys you listed
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    Quote Originally Posted by henzilla View Post
    Two Brothers in Atlanta do well in comparison with the guys you listed
    +1 on Two Brothers, great guys!!! And FAST shipping, UPS might pull in the drive before you confirm the order

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    Thumbs up Check out prices for tires.

    I've had good luck buying tires from If you're a AMA (American MotorCyclist Association) member you can get a 10% discount on purchases.

    The site also has a cash back (Bandit Bucks) program that allows credit to be applied to future purchase(s). Shipping is reasonable too (on occasion it's free!).

    I purchased some tires today and saved about $25.00 when compared to Competition Accessories and Dennis Kirk's pricing.

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