I appreciate help on another radio question. My 02 R1150rt has the radio kit w antena and wiring in the pocket, no bracket. I would like to install a radio either in the pocket or on a shelf mount and use helmet headset speakers that would be hardwired to the radio with 5 pin connector. I had a 2003 Voyager with the factory radio that the PO had set up this way and it was great. I do not want an itercom system, I just want to listen to music as i ride. i do not use an ipod so I want to stay with the radio. I actually enjoy using that time to keep up with what is going on in news and being able to change stations at will. I have headsets already so if it can be done this way i only have to get a suitable radio. Any advice on this solution. So far i have seen the Jensen HD910 and a Pyle w wired remote that seem to be a good solution if they would work with the wired hook up for headsets. thanks
randy in cincinnati