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Thread: Our 2010 Cross Country Road Trip Slide/Video

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    Our 2010 Cross Country Road Trip Slide/Video

    Just thought I would load up a compilation of my ride report from this past summer's 2010 road trip we did. 2 women once again just having a great time on our 2010 BMW F650GS ride report all in one...feel free to watch the whole thing, skip through or pass in was fun to make for both guys and gals...

    make sure to watch in HD

    from Leslie Sofarelli on Vimeo.

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    WOW! Thanks for the great video! It was an amazing pick-me-up for me. Once or twice a year I make a long distance road trip with a friend of mine from Texas. After seeing your video I'm all charged up and ready to go again RIGHT NOW! Winter, winter go away!


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    glad you liked it....that was a great trip and we look forward to more!

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