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Thread: Summer type rain gloves

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    Cool Summer type rain gloves

    Does anyone know of a warmer weather rain proof (toung in cheek) glove.

    I can find plent of winter membrane and gortex gloves but no midweight or light weight gloves or is this a combination that does not exist.

    What do you use for spring/summer/fall rain protection?

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    My LT has grip warmers & I use them to dry my summer gloves when they get wet. I do have a pair I bought at Bass Pro Shops that are not to bad in the warm weather but I don't carry them anymore because I hardly ever used them.
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    I use oversize dish washing gloves, over my summer riding gloves. BMW used to sell them in Orange. They even fit over my cold weather gloves.
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    Tour Master Dri-Mesh Glove

    These may be just what I'm looking for.

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    For years I've been relying on Aerostich three-finger overgloves over whatever glove I have on my hands at the moment:
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    I also have the tourmaster dri mesh gloves. I'm not sure the actually keep my hands dry but either way when i take them off my hands aren't black from the running ink on other gloves i've used.


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    I have a speedo that controls the dampness in my gloves... Honestly, they dry out in minutes, so whats the deal, fear of water or black hands?

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    I suffer from prunefingerophobia--a tragic condition which the mental health community is just now becoming aware of.

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    I suffer from prunefingerophobia

    I suffer from the same disease
    So far years of therapy have not helped me one bit.
    However my new analyst recommended water resistant gloves. Especially for the rain.
    This is why I originally wrote the post

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    I've tried just about everything, and what I use now is the Aerostich three fingered glove covers, over light deerskin gloves.

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    Aerostich three fingered glove covers

    I've tried these, however the largest they sell is XL, and they would not fit over my Lee Parks deer skin gloves also in size XL. I wish I could find a solution for under $50 smakers like these, but so far no luck. Held also sells the same kind of over-glove. If theirs fits me, problem solved.

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    Not to beat a dead horse(I understand now that several of you have this medical condition) but in my simple mind it seems that a 3 fingered glove would still allow the prune thing on the other 2 fingers.
    I have the Parks gloves ranked right in there with that $950 commando watch on the new products page of ON-both made of unobtanium...
    My deerskins cost $8 on ebay and fit great. I have wondered if the Chinese are shipped our deerskins or actually have a few left they haven't eaten?

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    Three-Fingered Gloves

    These Motocentric Overtrek three-fingered gloves come in sizes up to 3XL. At the price, they may be worth a try...


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