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Thread: BMW Summer Pants

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    BMW Summer Pants

    I am thinking of purchasing a pair of BMW Summer pants. does anyone have any input likes or dislikes? I like the idea of converting into shorts and also having armour.

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    I've had a pair for several years and love 'em. Can't think of any down side.

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    Or for about 40% less you can check out Olympia Recon 3 Mesh pants that also convert into shorts.

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    I do like mine except for one thing. When it is hot and I get off the bike, I would like to unzip the sides for a little air before getting back on the bike. Because of this, I wear my aerostich darien lites in the heat. BMW summer pants are made very well, but they are hot when one gets off the bike. more air comes in when using side zippers plus to get the bottoms off, you have to take your boots off.

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    I've had mine for years - very comfortable when riding - even in desert heat. When I stop to camp I zip the legs off.

    Staple in my warm weather riding gear.

    When I had my 85 K they also did a great job of reducing the effects of heat off the engine.

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    thanks guys. summer pants and maybe airflow 2s.

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    Summer II


    I have had my Summer II pants for a couple of years and like the fit and comfort when on, and off the bike. When the temps cool down, I wear Functional Long Pants which works for me to the 40 degree range (your temps may vary). During the day, they are comfortable during stops and breaks, and I have done a fair bit of sightseeing while wearing them and have no complaints.

    The pants have two zippered pockets and two cargo type pockets on the legs, and two zippered pockets on the back. There are also Velcro tabs on the bottom of the legs to cinch up the pants around your riding boots.

    My wife and I wore our Summer II's to the Rally in Redmond. We found we could put camping pants/shorts under the pants, and then take them (Summer II) off at the site and walk around in our camping pants/shorts during the day. When we were ready to leave, we put our Summer II pants on and hit the road. We did think of removing the lower part of the pants during the day, but we still would have had the hip pads to contend with, so for a few days it was easier to go the camping pants route.

    I wear my pants with a Firstgear Kathmandu Jacket or a BMW AirShell Jacket.

    The quality of the pants and the amour used in the Summer II design are excellent. When my Summer II pants wear out, I will replace them with another pair.

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    I have both the summer pant (Summer), not the newer Summer II as well as the Venting Machine pant. While the summer is a good pant, it does not suit me well as I find it doesn't breathe at all. Unzipping the legs helps some, but I still find them very hot. I much prefer the venting machine pant and use them all season. I have started looking at the Olympia vented pant that converts into shorts. I think it would suit me better than BMW's summer pant.

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    I have the summer 2 pant and wore them through the hot and humid days in NYC last summer. On the whole, they performed well. I probably wore them in the high 70s - 100 degree range. On the toughest days, the pants were a little clammy. On these days I also noticed the zipper attachment was a little scratchy across the top of my leg. This, though, is a picky complaint. I have the tan color and keeping them clean is a lossing battle.

    I puchased the summer pants at the beginning of last summer to replace my inotex jean style pants. These were great and breated well in the summer (probably better than the summer 2 pant). They eventually wore out after many years (maybe 8) and miles. I would have purchased another pair, but BMW no longer seem to sell them.

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    I have a pair and I love them. When off the bike, you don't have to take the whole bottom part off for cooling. Just unzip half way and it does allow for air circulation (it helps when the stop is short). When the weather cools, long tights like the runners wear give you several more months of use during the year.

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    Summer Pants

    I have the older version in tan. The zip off feature is great for walking around at the Rally. I did that at the Lima, OH Rally, when I first purchased the Summer Pants. I have worn them in warm temperatures, but I still prefer the BMW Venting Machine Pants for airflow, while on the bike.

    Watch the sizing on the Summer Pants, since they tend to run small. I have a 36 waist and had to purchase the XL. The Large size were too tight in the crotch and butt for me.

    I had the same experience with the BMW Tourance 2 pants. I had to buy the XL size in those.

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