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Thread: Pittsburgh to the Florida Keys, Sugesstions.

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    Pittsburgh to the Florida Keys, Sugesstions.

    Hi, I have done this ride before with maps. Now I am much more so-Fisti-Kated with a GPS.

    I will be traveling South. Saturday March 5th. I will want to be in Orlando March 6th.

    Do you guys have any particular Roads or routes I should plug in my GPS. Last time I wandered through the Mountains and had a great time and popped out in Georgia somewhere.

    In 06 I ended up in places like this... since then ive gone West.


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    here's a quick one to wear out the sides of your tires and getya a little dirty.

    some of these roads are at elevation, so check ahead for snow! (i have a reputation for that....)

    this goes somewhat near that place in WNC i was telling you about.

    and... it could *possibly* take you more than two days, depending on how hard core you are.

    Go soothingly through the grease mud, as there lurks the skid demon.
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    thats great! Just what I was looking for..

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    Unless you are taking secondary roads, which your schedule doesn't seem to allow, I would just hook up with the AmTrak Northeast Auto Train: Lorton, Virginia to Sanford, Florida.

    BTW, when was the last time you visited Key West? I ask because KW has gone through some serious changes over the years.

    The last time I rode through Key West, I found the place had been gentrified to point that is was almost unrecognizable.

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