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Thread: I can't wait to be posting more on this forum!

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    I can't wait to be posting more on this forum!

    After too many years, I'm getting pretty close to getting back on three wheels. Some of the absence is due to the usual (divorce/job loss/house sale ) and some due to liquidation (sold my Hollandia last year, Gigantor [my VW /2 conversion] the year before). But I'm looking to put together a more modern rig and am getting pretty damn close.

    I'm looking at getting an R1200ST for the donor bike and some Hannigan for the chair (Bandito or Astro Sport). Not too easy finding used ones.

    Some of the threads here have been pertinent and awesome! The car rear tire and sway bar ones in particular are ones I need to get somewhere on.

    The job I had two and a half years ago would let me move from the NY/NJ area to Washington State (where my youngest daughter currently lives). Too bad that came to an end, but there is a chance with the current job (at AT&T) that I can still do that. Interestingly enough, GrafikFeat, the area I targeted to move to was Gold Bar. Heading towards the Pass and pulling over and looking up at the craggy peaks in the Cascades, standing amongst the firs, pretty much blew what's left of my mind.

    IAE, hope to be on three wheels soon.


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    Good luck with the job and build plans, keep us posted.
    Used Hannigan's are hard to find, I did regional searches on CL and lucked upon mine.
    Bob Weis
    Bikeless! 2004-bmw-k12rs-hannigan-Sold!

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    Thanks, Bob.

    I have some kind of web crawler that does a search on CL nationwide and that still didn't return any results for me.

    BTW, I'm pretty interested in an ST in your state so I may be flying over there soon.


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    Quote Originally Posted by psikora View Post
    Thanks, Bob.

    ... I may be flying over there soon.

    ...and maybe flying a sidecar soon afterwards...get-er-done.
    Hope to see you hacking soon.
    As Bob said...good luck and keep us posted.

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    It's been five months since posting but I did get a few things done. Got the bike from Orlando. Got the s/c from Hannigan. Did absolutely nothing for six weeks preparing for vacation and being with my youngest daughter from Seattle. Now that she's headed home, things can start moving again, although I'm sure I'll be measuring the progress with a sun dial.

    Ordered the adapter yesterday to mate the car rim to the rear of the bike, after hours of measuring and crossing of fingers. Same for the sidecar wheel. Wanted to get a rim to match the car rim. That was pretty damn tricky. Not too many choices with my size constraints.

    Laid out all the sidecar mounts and even started bolting some on. Seven out of the ten provided will work fine. Three have to be figured out (using a kit for an RT to fit my ST). Gotta find a local welder I can work with in northeast to central NJ.

    Trying to get the leading link front end builders in the U.K. to move faster than a glacier. I tried explaining about global warming...

    Will have to dive into the electrics. Not looking forward to that and the CANbus. Hopefully the stuff that comes with the car will make sense to me.

    Not sure where to get new brake lines. That will all have to be replaced up front when the front end arrives. Yet another of a million details to figure out.

    Got new seat foam and material to match the color scheme but that'll be the last thing that gets done after adding some graphics to the grey and silver blank pallete color scheme. I THINK I have a painter.

    I reckon that's it for now. Back to the garage.

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