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Thread: Showers and toilets in camping areas

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    Showers and toilets in camping areas

    Where will the showers and toilets be for Main Camping C on the UC campus? Will they all be in the dorms.

    Where will the showers and toilets be for Quiet Camping A near the Civic Center?

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    S & S at camping areas

    At the U of C we will be using the restroom facilities in the classroom buildings. they will be well marked on the Rally program and also by outside signage. At least some of the restrooms will remain open on a 24 hour basis.

    At the quiet area, there is a permanent restroom facility as part of the Charleston City park and there will also be Porta Potties with hand wash stations.

    At the Northgate area there will be Porta Potties and lots of woods.

    Showers will be located at the U of C Physical Education building and will be open 24 HOURS for your convenience.

    The dorm showers and restrooms will officially only be for the dorm renters.
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