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Thread: Zox nevado r svs modular helmet

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    Zox nevado r svs modular helmet

    Anyone know anything about these guys.

    Web Bike Workd had an excellent review on an older model of this helmet.

    I see it on closeout for about $80.00. Based on the review, it seems like a great deal.

    I hope someone has some experience with these helmets.

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    I have a sox 4x magnum helmet and I love mine. Can't speak for this particular model though.

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    I bought a GMax based on the web bike reports. Excellent product.

    Sometimes you take a gamble on the fit but the price is right. I've looked at the same model and may pull the trigger on one.

    Can you have too many helmets?
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    Can you have too many helmets?


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    Zox nevado r svs modular helmet

    I received my Zox Nevado R SVS modular helmet yesterday.

    Fit, finish and comfort is very good. Flip action works very well and the dark dropdown visor deployed smoothly and leaves room for my glasses.

    I have not ridden with it yet to check stability and noise levels. This will happen tomorrow.

    If anyone is interested (or not), I will post a ride report tomorrow. For $79.95 from Comp Acc, it seems like quite a bargain.

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    Zox helmet ride report

    First the helmet is lite. Not for a modular but for a helmet. It is also totally stable at 80 miles per. The flip down sun shield is easy to use with gloves, however it could retract a little higher, but not a big deal. Flip up works easily with gloves.

    Ventilation could be better, but if it gets warm I will just raise the shield and drop down the sun shield.

    Now for the biggie (for me) the noise/wind level. Not too loud and with ear plugs, not an issue. Much quieter then a Nolan N102 I demoed last year.

    To sum up, for $79.95 it is one he'll of a helmet. In fact if I paid twice as much I would be satisfied. I hope this may help someone.

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    I also have this helmet and was surprised at the quality for the price. I really like how easy it is to remove both of the visors for cleaning and or replacement. Not to mention the fact that you can get parts to fix anything on the helmet.

    This reminds me I need to order a darker inner visor. Mine came with the lighter one.

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