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Thread: Kozloff Apartments At Bloomsburg University -- Additional Details

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    Kozloff Apartments At Bloomsburg University -- Additional Details

    A few days ago I received confirmation by mail of my reservation of a four-bedroom apartment in the Kozloff apartment block at Bloomsburg U. It provided additional details and it also prompted me to ask a few additional questions via e-mail. To save people asking the same questions, here's what I learned. I'd reiterate that this applies to the Kozloff apartments.

    When you arrive, check-in is at the Monty's building on the Upper Campus (it's near the Montgomery Place, Mount Olympus and Kozloff apartments). It's open from 8:00 a.m. until 11:00 p.m. daily. If you're going to be delayed, they provide a phone number to call to make arrangements (570-389-4002).

    Parking is adjacent to the apartment block.

    A guest internet login and password will be provided at check-in. Internet in the Kozloff is both wired and wireless. There are wired connections in each bedroom. If you plan to go "wired", you must either bring your own ethernet cable, or buy one at the university bookstore, Staples, Walmart etc.

    Linen is supplied and includes bed linen as well as 2 x bath towels, 2 x hand towels and 2 x wash cloths (I'm presuming this is per person!). The beds will be made prior to your arrival and the towels etc. will be in the bathroom area in the apartment. If desired, you can exchange linen after a stay of longer than three consecutive days.

    There are card-operated laundry facilities on each floor of the apartment block and you can buy cash cards from the attendant at the front desk (Monty's building).

    Hope this info is of use.
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