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Thread: A shameless Plug for my Charity (1000 mile) ride!

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    Thumbs up A shameless Plug for my Charity (1000 mile) ride!

    Well, it's that time of year - almost... July 4th will be on us soon, and Hoss (shoswell on this site) and I will be at it again. Another SS1000 on the 4th of July with a twist.

    First a little history - A few friends and I have participated in the Ride For Kids in Northern CA for the past few years. You try to get donations from friends, and ride for about 45 minutes handlebar to handlebar with a thousand other people as you meander around Napa Valley and people gawk. You ride about 30 miles. Bottom line, a lot of money is raised for a great cause (Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation). Ride For Kids has rides all over the U.S.

    I won't get into it here, but let me say that I have witnessed firsthand the sheer TERROR that parents experience when their small child has cancer. The kids are actually the tough ones. The Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation is the number one provider of funding to find a cure, and to help provide treatment and other programs.

    Rather than just tooling along at 50 mph in a crowd, Hoss and I decided that we'd do a real ride and perhaps get a little more publicity. Last year, we decided to do a SS1000, and call it "The Endurance Ride for Kids". We got a late start on the publicity angle, and only raised about $600.

    We got our a**es kicked by a women's motorcycle club out of the Bay Area that raised $12,000.

    Long story short - we're on a mission this year to raise $15,000, and need your help. Check out our website for more information.

    Not going to pressure you. But we need you to donate! No amount too small - and no amount too large. You can donate in adance of July 4th, and the money goes to good use right away.

    Thanks in advance.
    Brian Hall
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    hey Brian - thank you for supporting the Ride for Kids and the Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation.

    Good luck with your mission, it's a great idea.


    ps => my very good friend and the founder of RFK and PBTF, Mike Traynor, was a long-time member of the Georgia club. Our club just could not stand to do the parade ride, so we had our own event called the Blue Ridge 500... a 500 mile day ride to raise money. We'd also help set up the tents at the ride start, and after everyone left, took our own little sport tour to the finish point. *much* better way, imo. Mike understood.
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