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Thread: NYC - Help!!

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    NYC - Help!!

    On or about July 1st, my buddy and I are planning on being in NYC. I'm doing a cross country from Vancouver BC, picking him up in Winnipeg, MB and driving our R1200RT's to meet our wives who will be flying in to meet us (they have work obligations and can't make the big trip.) We are planning on meeting other friends who are sailing in to New York harbor about that time midway thru an around the world trip on their sailboat.

    We want to stay in Manhattan for 4 or 5 days and do the shows, tour things etc. but our problem is this..we are both terrified to even think about driving in New York city. When my wife and I were there a year ago all that we saw downtown was wall to wall yellow cabs and NO motorcycles.

    Does anyone have any good ideas how to approach this? We would like to park our bikes in a safe place outside of the city and take transit into downtown to a hotel (not determined which one yet) and then pick the bikes up when we leave and continue on our trip.

    Any help would be appreciated,


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    You and your bikes will be absolutely fine in NY. Believe me.

    Find a suitable hotel room in midtown. There are thousands of rooms at decent rates.
    Park your bikes in Rising Wolf Garage down in the East Village. Michael and Nuri are MOA members and have been running this SAFE and CLEAN motorcycles only operation since the 90s.

    There's no need to park somewhere else and spend time and money commuting in and out of the city, when you can stay right here in Manhattan and capitalize on your visit.

    Again, believe me. And have a great trip.

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    if you would feel better leaving your bikes outside the city i am in Westchester Co. and you are more then welcome to leave the bikes at my house. i live 5 min from the train station and will gladly bring you there and pick you up when your ready to get your bikes.

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    My wife and I are frequent visitors to NYC, but we have passed on riding in the city. We have driven the (small) cage plenty of times but still consider the traffic risks off-putting. Now, we drive down to a train station on the CT shore and come into Grand Central.

    Tessler seems to have found the ideal spot to harbor your bikes within NYC. You can probably head down the FDR to get to it and avoid most of the in-town traffic. Nothing like fellow members to help each other out!

    Nytrashman's offer is terrific. It's easy to get to Westchester and hop the train in. Another fellow member to the rescue. Personally, I would opt for (safe) parking outside the city and take the train in. YMMV.

    Just know that once you are aboard a Metro North train or have parked in the city, there is really nowhere you can't go by taking the NYC subway. Yes, you may need to walk a few blocks from the train station, but that is the best way to experience the people and architecture of one of the most incredible cities in the world! There are plenty of good subway maps on the interweb and large booksellers have some cool laminated, fold-up subway maps. If you have a smartphone, there are apps for that!

    Buy your tickets well ahead of time, especially if you want to see a show on the weekend. We have had reasonable luck with last minute ticket purchases at a kiosk in Times Square (can't remember the name of the outfit). Perhaps Spiderman will have worked-out all the technical gremlins by the time you arrive!

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    I live on Long Island, 30 miles east of the city and 40 minutes away via the LIRR. If you come into the city at off peak times, especially on weekends, you have no problems what so ever. That is key. Also don't come in when some big dignitary is in town either.
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